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A Word from the Walkers    Winter 2008

Dear Friends,

We wish you a peaceful New Year and trust this finds you all well.   This has been a very eventful year for our family - one that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

It was in February of this year that we returned to Panama to work among the Latin & Buglere people.  The Lord has opened many doors for the ministry that we had never even had thought about before.

Please pray that we will be even more effective in seeing the gospel spread throughout the country in the year that lies ahead.

Clive, Hazel and Judith

Shanelle & Jonathan's Wedding
Wedding of Jon and Shanelle

On 30th September Shanelle married Jonathan Ducommun in our home church in Northern Ireland.  It was a damp morning but we are thankful that the rain stayed away for them to be able to have photographs taken outside.

We had a very enjoyable day with friends and family.  Shanelle & Jon are living in Canada until she can get her Canadian Citizenship so they can travel easier in the future.  Shanelle is taking a few months out from NTM Bible School and will return next August to complete the final year.  Jon has already graduated.

Teaching in the tribe
On 27th Oct. Clive left Santiago at 6:30am and arrived in the tribe at 4:15 that afternoon. They were pretty tired after the bumpy four hour drive and then hiking for six hours, but thankful to have arrived safely.

Tuesday to Thursday was occupied with teaching the 22 people that arrived for the seminar.  They came from all parts of the Buglere tribe and a number of Latin believers were present as well. This seminar was the first of two, on how to teach the Bible, especially in un-evangelised homes. We pray that these believers will use what they have learned and be more willing to share the Word of God with those who have not yet heard the Gospel message.

Night time was used for evangelism, as a lot of people came from the village to watch a film (using a generator, a projector and a white sheet) and the gospel was presented afterwards.
Anastacio sharing at the seminar
Anastacio sharing at the seminar

Please pray that the seed of God's Word will take root in the hearts of these people and that they would desire to know more about Salvation.

It rained almost the whole time Clive was in Rio Luis so the clothes he washed on Monday afternoon after hiking never did dry before he had to use them again for hiking home. The hike out Thursday pm was wet and the 4 hour hike to the village of Ortiga was a slippery one because of the muddy trail, but he arrived safely. That night they had a meeting in the village and Roberto, a brother from the Santa Fe church, shared the gospel. Clive arrived home safe and well (except for an upset tummy) on Friday.


On Friday 14th November we received a phone call informing us that Hazel’s father, Mr. Robert McIlrath (Bobby), had been admitted to hospital with pains in his stomach. A few hours later we received word that he had been moved to the IC ward and was in critical condition.  We were on our way to the airport the next morning when we got the phone call that he had been called Home.

We were thankful to be able to get to Northern Ireland the day before the funeral service and to be with Hazel's mother and brother.

Bobby always took an active interest in our ministry over the years, even making a trip to Matlock and to Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania while we were in Mission training. He will be greatly missed by everyone.


  • For the open doors into schools in the area to share the gospel and present New Testaments.
  • That the people attending the Bible Studies desire to teach others.

Pray for:

  • Our paperwork-that we would soon be approved for 1 year visas. 
  • The ministry in the mountains with the churches there.
  • The teaching in the Santiago, San Pedro and Soná churches each week.
  • The distribution of calendars and tracts - that the Word would stir up desires to know more about salvation.

We do thank the Lord for each one who helps us in any way in our work for the Lord. We couldn’t do it without you.  May He bless you richly at this special season and in the year to come.

In Him
Clive, Hazel & Judith

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