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A Word from the Walkers    April / May 2008

Dear Friends,

Trust this finds you all well. We arrived in Panama on 14th Feb at 11:30 pm. Because of a snow storm in New York the plane took off 4 hours late from Dublin which meant we missed the connecting flight to Panama that day. Praise the Lordthe airline put us up for the night in a hotel and gave us vouchers for food and we were able to get the next day's flight to Panama. We spent the first few days just outside Panama City to work on our paperwork for staying in the country. The temperature was around 35°C and it was quite a change for us after coming from the cold in Northern Ireland!!!

painting house
After getting things sorted out in the City we travelled 4 hours to Santiago, where we are going to be living. The first things we had to do were sort out a post box number, register Judith for school and apply for an identification card for Judith. Just doing these three things took hours because of so much paperwork and standing in line. We also looked for a car to buy but there wasn't anything that would suit.

Then we got started on the house - washing and painting walls took the next five days until we had to go back to the city again. Our paperwork was supposed to be ready to sign but when we got there it wasn't ready.

We searched the second hand dealerships, in the city, for three days and finally found a car to buy. It is a Nissan X Trail 4 wheel drive.

We need the 4 wheel drive to be able to go into the mountains around Santiago for evangelism and discipleship (and also for some of the streets in Santiago that are just mud and stone!)

We couldn't have the car until the change of ownership was done so we went back to Santiago to finish painting and bought some furniture for the house. It’s amazing what water & soap and a lick of paint can do for a house! We were able to pick up our vehicle in Panama City a few days ago and are very thankful for it.
Nissan 4x4

Santiago Facts

Santigo is the capital of Veraguas Province. It is a small town but vibrant in traffic. Santiago is a marketing centre for rice, coffee, corn, livestock, and other products from interior. It also has a modern bus terminal, where you can find buses to take you to the different cities around the country. The city's Saint is Apostle Santiago, and it is celebrated on the 25th July every year with religious processions, parades, parties and other religious activities.


Shanelle continues to enjoy classes at the Bible school. For Spring Break she went to Canada with a friend. She is still looking for work but so far hasnít been able to get anything suitable. We are looking forward to her coming to Panama for three weeks in June!

Judith April 2008

Monday 24th March was Judith’s first day at her new school. Most of the classes are in English but Physical Education, Spanish class, Geography and History will all be taught in the Spanish language.

Please pray for Judith that she will make friends easily, pick up on Spanish quickly, and for her testimony with the staff and students.


We have been able to make some direction as far as ministry. Clive has been to visit the leaders of three different assemblies up in the mountains. One of the churches could be accessed in a regular car but the other two needed a four wheel drive to get to. On Easter Sunday, at 6:00am, Clive taught on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ in a local assembly here in Santiago. Afterwards there was sausage & tomato stew, ground corn and a banana for everyone.


    •  For safe flights from Dublin to Panama.
    •  The house is coming together bit by bit.
    •  For good contacts that we have already made.

Pray for:

    •  Our paperwork - that we would soon be approved for 1 year visas.
    •  The ministry in the mountains with the churches there.
    •  Settling into this new area and getting to know the town and the people.
    •  Judith to settle well into school and make some good friends.

We have seen God’s loving hand in so many ways since we have arrived in Panama. The faithful way you stand with us in this ministry is one of the ways we know His care. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thank you for being part of the work!

In Him
Clive, Hazel & Judith

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