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A Word from the Walkers     Spring 2012

"To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and everů." Jude1:25

Dear Friends,

Greetings from hot, sunny, summer Panama. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support of our ministry here. We appreciate very much your dedication and faithfulness in prayer on our behalf and your sacrificial giving for the Lord's work!

Gospel calendars In December we received a shipment of 40,000 Gospel calendars and 1,000 children's devotional books in Spanish; which we delivered to some churches in the country and door to door in seven villages in the province of Veraguas.

None of these villages have any Gospel witness at all, although they all have the Roman Catholic Church and a number of cults.

Please pray that the verses on the calendars will touch hearts and that people would desire to know the one true God.

Praise the Lord the first baptismal service in La Mina de Atalaya which went well. Oliver, Magdalena & Maybel were baptised on Sunday 5th February, and gave clear testimony and praise to the Lord for their salvation.

At present we are looking to buy somewhere in Atalaya to have the believers meetings. Please pray that the Lord would show us where, and a place at the right price. Many people seem to look at the colour of our skin and add on a few thousand pounds. One lady we know was quoted $35,000 for a house, and we were quoted $65,000 for the same house. So, you can see the difficulty we have.
Baptism in river

Alexi, Berto and Juan In February Clive, and 4 other men from Santiago, attended an inter-tribal Leaders Conference. Pinochet, Damaso and Anastacio and their families came out from the Buglere tribe to attend as well!

The main speaker for the week was Rick Johnson, who is with International Action Ministries, and works in Mexico. Clive taught one session during the week.

There were around 150 people who attended, including wives and children, and we praise the Lord for safety in travels (6 hrs one way), and a good time of fellowship and learning for everyone.

(in the picture are Alexi, Berto and Juan who went with Clive)

Lord willing we will be in Northern Ireland for a number of months from April. If you would be interested in having a report in your church please contact us on 0785 8008 204 (our mobile) or 02838 851741(Clive's parents) after 1st April. Judith will not be returning to Panama with us but will be starting college in September, hopefully in Armagh. She will need some sort of work but we know that jobs are scarce these days.

When we return to Panama we will have to look for a house to rent/buy as the one we are currently renting has been sold so we have to move out of it. Please pray for wisdom in finding the right house and what area we should be looking in.

Also, pray for the believers in Atalaya, that they would remain strong in the Lord while we are gone. You could also be praying for Junior, Juan, Hilario and Manuel who will continue the teaching during our absence, and that the Lord will be glorified in all that they do and say. Pray too for us that we will have a good "break" as we visit family and friends, as well as try and see Judith settled.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for the ministry in Panama among the Latin and Buglere People.

Yours, In His Service
Clive, Hazel & Judith

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