An Update from the Walkers    November 2009

Dear Friends,

November is a month of special days for Panama- Independence from Colombia, Flag day, etc., when the schools, offices and banks are all closed and there are parades in the towns and villages.  Today is a special day for us - Clive will be teaching Santiago's family (5 adults and three young people) in La Mina on the lesson about Nicodemus and presenting the gospel through John 3:16.  Up until now Clive has been laying a foundation on who God is and what He thinks of sin, and man's need of a Saviour. Please be praying with us that Clive will be able to present a clear message and also that the Holy Spirit would convict those listening.

On Monday (9th) Clive will be going into the Buglere tribe to give a seminar on "Reaching our families and neighbours through evangelistic lessons".  There has been a lot of rain so the mud will be horrible to hike through to get to the village.  Please pray for strength and safety on the trail and for clear understanding for those who will attend the meetings.  Also, pray for Clive's voice that it will hold up - he will be teaching Morning, afternoon and night for 3 days straight. Hazel & Judith will be staying on their own in Santiago.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer,

Clive & Hazel

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