A Word from the Walkers     October 2015
"It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High." Psalm 92:1
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support of our ministry here in Atalaya. We appreciate very much your dedication and faithfulness in prayer on our behalf and your sacrificial giving for the Lord’s work!

This year has seen a number of deaths in our wee group in Atalaya. First in April was Daisy, who we had a Bible study with each week. In June Alondra’s baby of 2 months passed away. Then in August it was Oliver’s grandfather. Santiago had been one of the first people that opened his home to us to study the Bible in the Atalaya area.

During the months of May-July we had meetings for children and youth on Sunday afternoons with games, Bible lesson and snack.

Around 30 children came each week and at the end of the time each one received a “shoebox” gift.

Praise the Lord that through the teaching four of the young teenagers came to Christ.

Please pray as we continue to work with the young people and see them grow in their knowledge of the Lord.
Bible study commentaries from Canada Earlier in the year we received a shipment of Bible study commentaries from Canada and we have been going all over the country giving out these books to Pastors in different churches.

These men really appreciated getting the books. One man even had tears in his eyes as he told us “Thank you so much, no-one has ever given me Bible study help before.” Please pray as we plan to return to visit these men and possibly teach in some of the churches.

Once again we have ordered 60,000 Spanish calendars and they will be shipped within the next few weeks.

Please pray for their safe travels and for all the details as we get them out of customs and transported to our home.
Next year there is going to be a wedding in the family! Stephen Bates and Judith were engaged in September and plan to get married June 2016.

Please pray for all the arrangements and decisions that need to be made.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for the ministry in Panama among the Latin and Buglere People.
Stephen Bates and Judith Walker

Clive & Hazel Walker

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