A Word from the Walkers    August 2008
“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High.”  Psalm 92:1

Dear Friends,

Greeting from Panama - where rainy season has started and we are enjoying a much cooler climate! We trust that you are well and daily experience the Lord's grace and His enabling.


The Lord is opening doors for us that we never would have thought of!   Every Tuesday night Clive teaches a group of 10 people.   This study began with 2 people and has continued to grow.   On Wednesday nights he teaches at a wee church about 30 minutes drive from Santiago.   This is a group of 9 adults and 1 young boy.   At both these studies the students are required to teach the lesson that they receive to at least one other person during the week.   These folks, who have never taught the Bible before, certainly will be thankful for you praying for them!   Many of them are teaching unbelieving relatives and we pray that over the weeks these people will see their need of salvation.   One older believer Valentín, who attends the Wednesday night meeting, has been teaching three unbelieving families in their homes.
Clive teaching in Santa Fe
Clive teaching in Santa Fe

Muñeca visiting from Toncri Muñeca visiting from Toncri
At home Hazel keeps busy with hospitality.   Almost every night there is somebody staying in our house so there is always cooking and laundry to be done.   The visitors come from the mountains to be able to attend the hospital, to be encouraged or just to visit.   Please pray for physical strength and that we would be an encouragement to these people.

On Sundays Clive has been teaching in a wee church in Soná, which is an hour drive from Santiago.   Hazel has been teaching the Children’s Sunday school class.   Please pray that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of the unbelievers in these meetings to see their need of Salvation and that the Believers will grow in their relationship with God.   Presently there are no Bible teachers in the church but, our prayer is that there will be faithful men raised up to start taking some of the responsibility of teaching & oversight, and that some of the ladies will work with the children.   We have committed to teach in this church for 6-12 months.   Will you stand with us in prayer to see this church growing in the Lord?

Child Evangelism Fellowship outreach to schools

At the end of June a group of about 100 people from Child Evangelism Fellowship came to Panama for 3 weeks of evangelism with children and teacher training.   We were involved in getting some of them from the bus station to the camp grounds where they went through a very intense 4 days of training.   One night we picked up a group from the bus station, who came in from Brazil and Ecuador, at 2:30am.   That night we had 11 people squeezed into our wee house!   The following week Hazel and I hosted a team of four ladies (2 Brazilians, 1 Honduran and 1 Panamanian) for one week of evangelism and teacher training.

Elizabeth, Maria, Idalina & Mitzy
Elizabeth, Maria, Idalina & Mitzy
Teaching the memory verse
Teaching the memory verse

We were able to have Bible Clubs in five different schools and two churches, as well as teacher training in two churches.   In total the four ladies taught 57 times!   Praise the Lord for the many opportunities to share the gospel and for the doors that were opened to us.

Family Life

Jon & Shanelle at Panama Canal
Jon & Shanelle at Panama Canal
On 20th May Shanelle and Jonathan Ducommun were engaged.   Jon is from Canada where his parents, David and Lynanne Ducommun, are working at the New Tribes Mission headquarters.   Jon was attending the same Bible school that Shanelle was at so that's where they met.   They plan on getting married on the 30th September 2008, in Northern Ireland, and are busy getting all the plans and preparations made.   Jon graduated from Bible School in May but Shanelle lacks one more year.   Their plans are for both to work this year and get adjusted to married life and then Shanelle will return next year to the Bible School to complete the course.   Please pray that Shanelle will be able to get a work permit quickly.   We will be going to NI for the wedding and would appreciate your prayers for safety for everyone as we travel by cars and planes.

Judith continues to do well in school and is settling into the way of things more and more.   When we go to Northern Ireland for the wedding she will miss a number of weeks and will have to make up the work and exams that are due at that time.   Judith is enjoying helping Hazel with the Sunday School Class in the Soná Church each week.

We are very grateful for the health and strength that the Lord supplies and for the way He continues to supply our needs for the ministry through the gifts of His people.   We are so thankful for the prayers and generosity of our family, friends and supporters!

Yours in His Service
Clive, Hazel, Shanelle & Judith

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